29 Jun 2018

Participants during a recent sales skills training workshop discussed the challenges of the market place and how the internet has shaped the buyers landscape.

Customers are more tech savvy today and more aware of the range of products/services available and the myriad of options available to them.

A few taps on a screen or keyboard and they know where they can obtain their quest, which provider has the widest range of solutions and whose offering the best price.

If your companies’ offering has similar features, performance and pricing to your competition then the person selling can often be the differentiator in securing sales.

Research repeatedly shows that when a buyer assesses a product or brand, their limbic system (the portion of the brain that deals with emotions, memories and stimulation) light up, while the data processing and analysis centers of their brains are left largely unstimulated.

Finding the customers pain points and ‘WHAT’ they are looking for is obviously important, understanding the ‘WHY’ they are looking for it can give an insight into the customers emotional buying motivations.

The word “motivation” and “emotion” share the same Latin root, “movere,” which means to move…..do we ‘push’ or ‘pull’ the buyer into making a decision?

Demonstrating ‘TLC’ is more than an approach to delivering customer service excellence it can be the difference that influences the buyer.

The worksop participants defined ‘TLC’ as ‘Tender Loving Care’. Whilst that might demonstrate a high level of service it was not the answer I was looking for.

To me ‘TLC’ stands for ‘Think Like a Customer’….. in doing so you gain a deeper understanding of needs and buying motivations and it allows you to position your solution and the value it offers in the most appropriate way.

How do your sales people demonstrate TLC?

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