27 Jun 2018

What an inspirational view from today’s office location!

The pace of change is a constant factor on the City skyline….it’s also constant in our day to day work activities.

The skills we need today to be effective in our roles are constantly changing, skills that keep you ahead of the competition or to manage and lead need to be constantly reviewed.

A quick google search highlights ‘soft skill development’ as needed more today than at any previous time. Whilst there seems no end to technological advancement and the automation of various jobs and processes, skills like – communicating, collaborating, leading and managing, presenting and problem solving are recognised as key skills that can be difficult to measure but have significant impact in the modern workplace.

A thorough understanding of workplace challenges and training objectives pre-workshop ensures that the content delivered is relevant and easy to apply in the workplace.

At the start of a workshop I ask participants for their personal workshop objectives. One of the most common answers given from both new hires and experienced team members is ‘confidence’. By developing ‘soft skill’ competence, confidence can be a given.

At the end of a workshop we re-visit the individual objectives and ask them what they will take away from the content presented. Participants highlight their personal ‘take-aways’ and how they feel it will make a difference in their day to day activities. They sound more confident and motivated and eager to put the ideas into practice.

Today’s client activity was mapping out their sales process. An exercise that always prompts good discussion, where both newer members of the team and the more experienced can share knowledge and define best practice.

The outcome, a greater understanding of market place challenges and the skills needed to be competitive. The team have had input to the Worksop they will attend, creating buy in and an enthusiasm to put the tools and ideas that will be presented during the session to good use.