08 Dec 2019

Lewis Hamilton recently won his sixth Formula One Drivers World Championship title – an achievement surpassed only by the great Michael Schumacher.

We all know that being in the best car helps, which is why there’s also a manufacturers’ title, and that team preparation and management is all important. 

But the best drivers make the marginal gains count to the max.

While most teams and coaches, given the right talent, can get most capable athletes up to a similar 90-something per cent, what is it that makes champions that extra bit special? 

True champion performers focus on the magic one percent.

They have a different mindset. Rather than preparing to get as many things right as possible they practise not getting things wrong.

In other words, they learn to focus on perfecting things that impair performance and consciously work on improving those key facets.

So how do they do it?

The easiest way to think of this is to draw a horizontal and vertical line on a piece of paper to create four quarters.

In quadrant one (top left) write down the things you do well or have done well that week (say, in your job).

Quadrant two (top right) list the things you could have done differently to achieve even better results.

The bottom two squares are about habits.

In the bottom left quadrant, list the bad habits you need to stop doing or eliminate. In the bottom right, list the good habits you need to develop or start working on. 

Hamilton, and for that matter the likes of Messi, Federer, Ronaldo, Bolt and co, have these internal boxes whirring in their minds all the time. 

They achieve better numbers of top left results by identifying what they could do differently or better top right, consciously reducing or stopping the bad habits bottom left and developing better one’s bottom right.

That is the basis of all the training we deliver at Train4Results.

Winning Mindset…

To improve your performance, we encourage you to develop the mindset of winners – minimising mistakes and bad habits that can hold you back and impede optimum performance, so you achieve better results (and who doesn’t want that?).

Once you start to work on those marginal gains the path to a beneficial training day begins…

How could you or your organisation benefit from ‘the Magic 1%…

Why not call 0333 772 0968 and within 10 minutes see what the ‘Magic 1%’ could do for your organisation…

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